My Guiding Values

By integrating these values into my work and my team, I am able to not only deliver improved results for clients and projects, but also create a work environment that is efficient, sustainable, and safe for all participants.

To be value driven

Embracing a value-driven approach ensures that every action and decision is guided by delivering the maximum benefit to clients, projects, and the team. This core value fosters efficiency, effectiveness, and purposeful innovation, ultimately leading to sustainable success and growth.

To be kind and direct

By being kind and direct we foster a supportive environment that enables open, honest communication and effective collaboration. This core value strengthens relationships, ensuring successfull collaboration on projects and driving meaningfull progress together.

To be owner of our mission

It conveys understanding objectives, aligning work with the mission, and fostering ownership within the team. This mindset promotes accountability as a team, proactivity, and a commitment to excellence, empowering the team to overcome challenges and deliver high-quality results, ultimately contributing to long-term growth and success. I believe that a team that handles by itself its own CI/CD, monitoring and error reporting is a happier team that is more able to succed in its mission.

To keep things lean and simple

I hate over-engineering because it serves only the ego of the enginers, and hurts everyone else. Keeping things lean and simple enables faster development, easier maintenance and growth, and developer-friendly solutions. Which means a shorter Time To Market, more time to focus on the things that really matter, and happier coworkers. More added value and fewer risks.