Vincent Fischer

Fullstack JS Developer

and occasionally TechLead

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Hi, I'm Vincent, a french web developer and tech lead based in Paris with 8 years of experience.

I LOVE my job. I work with small and big companies to help them build awesome products.

Here are a few things I do:

  • developing and fixing complex features,
  • designing code that scales with the increasing complexity,
  • building CI/CD pipelines on a project with 20 developers,
  • architecting serverless infrastructure that scales,
  • optimizing request time and cost on an API called 8k times a minute,
  • improving the developer experience,
  • leading a team of 7 developers,
  • mentoring junior developers in best practives for software development,
  • recruting great developers,
  • and a lot more...

I'm not available full time at the moment but I'm always happy to chat about tech, or help small projects. Feel free to contact me.